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Sync Equestrian is US based and was established in 2019. Sync Equestrian was designed and made by equestrians, therefore products are tested and only the best fabrics, best suited for riding are used.

As equestrians, we saw a problem in the current equestrian clothing market when it came to fit and comfort. Every woman has a different body, so when we designed our performance breeches our goal was to create innovative performance wear for every woman while also keeping in mind the athlete in each and every equestrian.

Our innovative performance breeches feature sculpting yet flexible material, adjustable high compressive waistbands, so you can tighten or loosen to your body type or preference ( no belts necessary), one large pocket on each side that can hold anything from your phone to brushes while grooming, fly spray if it’s that season, and even water bottles. All materials are very breathable, with UPF 60+ to protect your skin from the sun and have quick-dry technology.

Sync Equestrian is also designed to be multi-purpose and can be worn outside the barn, due to their stylish and chic designs.


Sync Equestrian has partnered up with Egypt Equine Aid, a non-profit organization, who gives working horses and donkeys the medical care they need near  Cairo, Egypt.

They are located in Abu Sir, a rural site between Giza and Saqqara, northern Egypt, where three 5th-dynasty kings built their pyramids .Abu Sir has many farms and other properties, and there are lots of local families with working equines.

The population is poor, and many people live from hand to mouth. Their animals desperately need good veterinary care, but there are not many well-trained and well-qualified veterinarians in the area.

Moreover, most of these local families cannot afford to pay even a small amount for veterinary care, even if it were available. Even more troubling is the critical lack of knowledge on the part of owners about equine care, despite donkeys and horses having been part of life in Cairo for a very long time.

Egypt Equine Aid was established to address these problems. EEA regularly hands out equipment such as nosebands, fly masks, halters, humane bits, and harness pads and explain how those items help animals stay injury-free and healthy, thereby protecting these babies.

Everytime you make a purchase with Sync Equestrian, a portion of your money goes to help a horse in need. 

Please share and check out their website and donate directly to them as well at

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