Because Every Rider is an Athlete

Every woman has a different body, so when we designed our performance breeches our goal was to create innovative performance wear for every woman while also keeping in mind the athlete in each and every equestrian. Our innovative designs are carefully crafted for the athlete in each and every equestrian, in all disciplines. 

Our innovative performance breeches feature sculpting yet flexible material,  adjustable high compressive waistbands so you can tighten or loosen to your body type or preference ( No more belts necessary), one large pocket on each side that can hold anything from your phone to brushes while grooming, fly spray if it’s that season, and even water bottles.  All materials are very breathable and have quick-dry technology, as well as UPF 60+ to protect your skin from the sun. 

Sync Equestrian is also designed to be multi-purpose and can be worn outside the barn, due to their stylish and chic designs.

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